Common Sense Safety

I believe that there are three words that belong together, the three words are common, sense, and safety – If you think about it, safety more times than not is nothing more than common sense! That is why I believe these three words belong together – COMMON SENSE SAFETY

Here is something to remember: If you are the one who has an accident, then you are the one who is going to suffer the pain and the potential loss of income – so again I say common sense safety.

Some common sense safety tips:

  • Be alert, pay attention, know what’s going on around you and your work area
  • Wear the appropriate PPE, no matter how inconvenient it may seem
  • Keep your work area clean and hazard free
  • Never be afraid to ask for assistance to move or lift heavy items
  • Take safety seriously

Common sense safety is often simply thinking before doing, working safe and responsibly is everyone’s job.

Safety Director

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