Hard Hats and Hard Hat Safety

It is fact that most of all head injuries are caused by FALLING and/or FLYING OBJECTS, and also by BUMPING your head against objects (i.e.; piping, conduit, low head room, ect.).

Head protection (i.e.; helmets and/or hard hats) must meet all specifications contained in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI for short), Z89.1-1969, and for those exposed to high voltage electrical shock, the hard hat must meet the specifications of ANSI, Z89.2-1971.

Here at Harmon Electric Inc. and Harmon Solar, it is required by all our installers, to wear at all times while on the job site, a class ‘E’ hard hat – class ‘E’ hard hats are designated as utility service, high voltage hard hats, and are intended not only to protect from falling and flying objects, but also to protect from high voltage shock and burn. This class of hard hat is also required to be worn by all Harmon Electric Inc. electricians, be it they are working on Solar installations, or on our commercial projects.

Safety Director

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